indian food in Sierra Madre

January 6, 2018

Indian Food in Sierra Madre

Indian Food in Sierra Madre

When it comes to searching for indian food in Sierra Madre, Flavor of India is always the leader in serving a spectrum savory recipes from India’s rich tapestry of culture and culinary traditions. Every dish is distinctly prepared in authentic Indian home-prepared cooking, using only natural spices and ingredients.  As a result flavor of india’s many delectable dishes are lean, low in fat and healthy.

Voted best restaurant by Zagat and both our long term clients, Flavor of India delivers award-winning catering services. Visit our Indian Food Catering Menu for a full service. 

Our team will guide you through customized menus, budgeting options and logistical planning, while maintaining a focus on the creation of a picture-perfect experience with unforgettable Indian cuisine. 

We offer services to include bringing a Tandoori oven and preparing food fresh which adds a special authenticity to bringing the Indian  culinary culture to your friends and family in Sierra Madre.

Many of our restaurants offer individual, off-site catering in Sierra Madre and Southern California to bring their own flavorful flair for your celebration to any venue that you choose.  

Visit Flavor of India’s Food Gallery to learn about our selections.

Since 1998, our vision for flavor of india restaurant located around Sierra Madre has been to create high-energy and welcoming indian restaurant. It is our everyday prerogative to choose to deliver clean restaurants to our guests. Ultimately, we hope our guests will come to appreciate Indian food as comfort when looking
for indian food. Visit our home page Indian Food Los Angeles Home Page for more info.

You are about to experience the our locations passionately crafted by two brothers who are not only dedicated to providing you the best in indian cuisine. When searching for indian food, we are dedicated to spreading the tradition of indian dining to our guests in our around Sierra Madre.

We have a huge selection of Indian dining options items is sure to satisfy our patrons not to mention our afternoon buffets! We also cater to local businesses in the Los Angeles Areas. IEI Realty is one of our most frequent clients that come in with groups of employees to enjoy our lunch time buffets.

With unlimited options of favorites, lunch specials, vegan options (one of our frequent patrons, Ministry of Tomorrow Brand offering Designer Vegan Leather Bags) online store that supports vegan lifestyle, vegetarian food, homemade desserts, and healthy salads, our Indian cuisine restaurants is sure to have exactly what you want when looking for the best Indian restaurant in Sierra Madre.