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Ultimately, we hope our guests will come to appreciate Indian cuisine as comfort food.This all starts when you walk in and are greeted with Namaste! (“I salute the soul within you”).


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Fresh & Natural Ingredients

At Flavor of Inida, we are dedicated to crafting authentic Indian food using only the freshest and most natural ingredients available. From the vibrant spices of Rajasthan to the fragrant herbs of Kerala, each dish tells a story of tradition and flavor. We source locally to ensure our vegetables are crisp, our meats tender, and our spices aromatic. From crisp vegetables delivered daily to locally sourced meats and spices handpicked for their robust flavors, every ingredient in our kitchen is chosen with care. Join us to experience a journey through India’s diverse flavors, where freshness meets tradition at Flavor of India.

Flavor of India - Fresh & Natural Ingredients
Low in Fat & Healthy Food | Flavor of India

Low in Fat & Healthy Food

Our commitment to health and wellness shines through in every dish at Flavor of India. Our menu is carefully crafted to deliver delicious and nutritious meals, emphasizing low-fat options that don’t compromise on flavor. We prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients, including whole grains and a colorful array of vegetables, ensuring each dish is packed with essential nutrients. Through heart-healthy cooking techniques and minimal use of unhealthy fats, we guarantee that every meal tastes exceptional and supports your well-being. Join us to savor the harmony of flavorful, low-fat dishes that nourish both body and soul.

We Utilize Traditional Methods

We uphold the time-honored traditions of Indian cuisine by utilizing authentic methods in our cooking. Our pride lies in our traditional tandoor oven, essential for crafting the perfect naan—a cornerstone of Indian dining. This centuries-old clay oven ensures each naan emerges crisp on the outside, yet irresistibly soft within. Handcrafted and shaped with care, every naan is swiftly baked against the tandoor’s walls, imparting a distinct smoky and charred flavor that captures the essence of India in every bite. Experience the authenticity and craftsmanship of our tandoor-baked naan, where tradition meets Flavor of India.